How fast is PWR-net? What is the cost?
Pricing and service speeds depend on your location. Please contact PWR-net by calling 1-217-774-2323, toll free 877-994-2323, or by emailing us at subscriberinterest@pwr-net.coop. Want to know more? Visit our Pricing page for packages and cost.

What is the best speed for me to gain optimal performance?
Internet speed is determined by bandwidth congestion. For example, imagine a large group of people walking quickly toward a door. In order for all of them to go through the door, they will have to slow down as only a few people pass through at a time. If the door becomes wider, more people will be able to pass through the door at one time. This makes the entire process faster. Passing data online uses the same concept. If you will be using a lot of data, you will need a wider door, or a larger data package/plan. The number of users and the types activities performed using the Internet (i.e. streaming HD, playing online games, scrolling through webpages) affects data usage. Consider all of these factors when picking a plan that  best fits your household’s usage.

*Requires buffering time     **Optimal Performance


Is service available where I live?
PWR-net service covers approximately 95% of Shelby Electric Cooperative’s service area and expands to include a 10 mile radius around the Oreana tower. The Oreana tower is located approximately one mile north of Oreana, Illinois. Contact us for availability and packages.

I live in a wooded/secluded area -- can I still get service?
PWR-net is a line-of-sight wireless broadband Internet. Trees and terrain-challenged areas may prevent you from being able to receive a signal even if you are within our service area. A technician can go to your location ready to install PWR-net and, if the location is inaccessible, there will be no charge to you.

I own a small business; can I subscribe to PWR-net?
Yes. We encourage businesses owners to contact our PWR-net office; the standard information may not apply. Increased bandwidth is available and will be priced accordingly. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch.

Is there a contract?
Yes. PWR-net subscribers must sign a 24-month contract, which begins on the date of installation.

Is there a deposit?
Possibly. A deposit of $100 may be required depending on the results of a credit check. It would be due before installation. Deposits are only accepted in the form of cash, money order, or credit/debit card. No personal checks are accepted. If service cannot be attained at your property, the deposit will be refunded to you in the form of a check. The check will be mailed to you in 5-7 business days.

Are there installation/equipment costs?
Yes. There is a one-time basic installation charge of $99.00. Visit our Pricing page for more information about installation and maintenance fees.

Is there a maintenance plan to cover repair and/or replacement?
Yes. PWR-net offers a maintenance plan for $5 per month. The maintenance plan only covers service calls and repair/replacement of CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). A new CPE is $479.00 plus tax, and service calls are $75.00 per visit. Extra equipment, including routers, are your responsibility and are not covered under this plan. Operator errors or subscriber equipment (wireless router, electronic devices, etc.) problems that result in service calls are also not covered.

What devices will I be able to connect to PWR-net?
Any devices that are Internet compatible will be able to connect to your PWR-net Broadband Internet. Keep in mind that each of these devices will affect your internet speed and will need to be taken into consideration when picking a plan that is right for you. For more information, take a look at the Possible Devices list.

What is a router?
A router is an in-home device that gives your computers, phones, tablets, etc. access to Internet connection.

Can I purchase a router through PWR-net?
Yes. Standard routers are $49.95 plus tax.

You only need a wireless router in the following situations:
1.  You have more than one computer or wireless devices that will utilize the internet.
2.  You have a laptop and want to be able to move your computer around your home.

Note: Wireless routers are not covered under our maintenance plan.

What is a CPE?
Customer Premise Equipment. Any equipment that is on the customer's property that belongs to PWR-net. In most cases, it is an outdoor antenna.

Who will I call for technical support and when can I contact them?
PWR-net technical support is available Monday through Friday between 7:00AM to 4:00PM, excluding holidays. During this time, a local customer service representative will be available. After business hours and on weekends, Shelby Electric Cooperative’s call center will be available to take your calls and walk through the troubleshooting process with you. Our customer service representatives will receive a report and will contact you during the next business day. Visit our Troubleshooting page for more information.

If I am not satisfied with PWR-net, will I be able to break our contract?
Once the equipment has been installed, you are responsible for completing the 24-month service agreement.

What if I want to switch Internet providers and haven’t fulfilled my PWR-net contract?
Customers will have the option to buy out of their service agreement at a prorated fee. The fee is dependent upon the amount of time you have maintained service. An early termination fee may also apply.

Does an early termination fee apply even if I move and can no longer receive service?
No, an early termination fee will not apply. If you move outside of PWR-net's broadband network, you will need to submit proof of utility service at the new address. In this instance only, PWR-net may choose to reclaim the installed CPE at the previous location. The CPE will take place of the 24-month service agreement.

Note: If you move, but are still located in our service area, the $100 early termination fee will apply.

What kind of computer operating system do I need to be compatible with PWR-net?
Windows 7 or newer is preferred. Linux and Mac operating systems are also compatible. Windows XP will work, however it is NOT supported by Microsoft. Therefore, we do not recommend it.

Who do I send payments to?
Payments should be sent to Shelby Electric Cooperative. Payments can be mailed, dropped off at the main office in Shelbyville, or paid online through your SmartHub account. You can access SmartHub by clicking Online Bill Pay in the upper right corner of this page, or you can go to www.shelbyelectric.coop. You can also download the SmartHub app on your smart phone or tablet. Reoccurring payments are available via credit/debit cards or checking/savings accounts. If you would prefer to pay by phone, call 1-855-385-9981 and follow the automated prompts.

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